What can I expect to gain from this workbook?

We help young people discover their "why", or their passion, their purpose, and then act on it. Beyond feeling more fulfilled though, students will walk away with tangible takeaways, a roadmap that will guide them to be more successful in the college application process as they first make an impact on their community and then can better articulate their story. Throughout the book you'll find a mix of fully written instructional and tip pages, illustrated inspirational quote pages, and do-it-yourself activity pages.

Who is this workbook for?

Our workbook is teacher and parent-approved for 7th-12th graders. We have tested our curriculum with hundreds of students across that age range over the last few years to produce the workbook we are offering now.

How big is the book?

The book is 76 pages long. The physical book is 7"x10".

What does Empower: Educate & Inspire offer?

Right now, we are giving out free copies of our electronic workbook. When we can, we also like to provide students with a physical copy of the book. If you are interested in ordering physical copies for a group of students (we don't typically donate physical copies to individual students due to printing and shipping costs for single orders), please get in touch and we'll work with you to see what we can do.

Who made this workbook?

Our workbook was created by our team at Empower: Educate & Inspire. Our team is made up of current college students who believe living a life of purpose and meaning is for everyone -- at every age. More information about our executive team at Empower can be found below!

Scott Emmons is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at UC-Berkeley. He recently graduated as a Robertson scholar from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Caroline Kennedy is a junior Morehead-Cain scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill studying philosophy, screenwriting, and entrepreneurship. She founded Empower: Educate & Inspire in high school -- that origin story can be found below.

Matthew Kaplan is a senior Robertson scholar at Duke University majoring in positive psychology and pursuing a career in law.

How was Empower: Educate & Inspire started?

Empower: Educate & Inspire was started in 2015 by a group of high school students in honor of Holocaust survivor Sonia Warshawski. When one of our founders, Caroline Kennedy, met Sonia, she was inspired by Sonia's message that it is not only important to remember the Holocaust, but to also educate ourselves on what is happening in the world today. Sonia believes that even though the Holocaust is over, there is still evil in our world, and the only way to overcome it is to know about it, and then act on it.

Today, Empower teaches young people how to find an issue they care about, and how to harness their own strengths to make a difference. We help students discover what they are passionate about and then guide them as they find their place in the world and learn how to put those passions to good use. We do this through the workbook we created, and by in-person speaking events and workshops.

We owe our existence to Sonia Warshawski, and to the filmmakers of Big Sonia, who introduced Caroline to Sonia, and have given life to this nonprofit. Check out the film (which Empower is featured in!) at